Giving is Good for the Soul

It’s that time of year where giving is all we hear about, and there are calls for people to dig deep in their pockets and give to a cause. Well Dare Daughters decided to dig deep into it’s closets and use their connections. Through community members generous donations Dare Daughters has been able to provide clothing to marginalized women as this winter season is upon us. The donations were greatly appreciated.

It is a beautiful thing when you’re able to witness the joy of someone receiving a gift and with this in mind, we are continuously looking for ways to give back to the community through practical ways that will help others. If you would like to help us in giving back to the community, or have a way that Dare Daughters can be involved in your Giving project, please contact us at or @daredaughters on Instagram & Facebook.



Be You Bravely

Psst … wanna know a secret?

Most of my life I have been afraid to have all of me known to the world, my flaws, quirks and struggles – just out there for all to see.

I know that I am not alone in this practice, but why do we do this to ourselves?

I remember from a young age that I understood that there are acceptable things for public and somethings that are best to be left for “private”. And while this makes sense for some things, at 30 I am realizing that I have allowed that philosophy to hold me back in some ways from Being Me.

So what does Be You Bravely actually look like?

Well, that will be different for each of us. In my own life it means being open about my personal journey with overcoming pornography, the challenges of being an emotionally hot mess most days, and having a deep desire to help others.

I have taken on the opportunities to speak about Sex, Relationships, Pornography and how God plays a part in all of it. This has allowed for other women to identify their own struggles with porn and for us to start having an honest conversation about these “Private topics”.

By no means is this easy or uncomplicated, but it’s more freeing to embrace who God made me to be. For we are all fearfully and wonderfully complex, and I would encourage you to embrace the complexity of who you are by Being You Bravely!


The Porn Struggle

I don’t know about you but growing up there were certain things that you just didn’t talk about. One of them being Pornography. Especially since that was a “boy’s issue”. I had the privilege of struggling through my own understanding of how my sexuality and my faith could fit together.

So, all throughout my teens and twenties I struggled with the power that pornography held over me. I had an unhealthy view of how my sexuality fit with my faith. I didn’t full comprehend that God created us as sexual beings – which means that all my sexual desires of wanting to be loved were normal, but I was filling that need in a negative way and it took a strong hold on me.

It filled my head with thoughts that sex wasn’t sacred and in turn had me seeking out online chat rooms and becoming addicted to pornography.

I understood all too well the struggle that Paul talks about in the New Testament, wanting to do the things that you know you should, but finding yourself doing the things you shouldn’t.

I can honestly say that it took the power of the Holy Spirit to cause me to confess what I’d been doing to 3 close college friends. Those women were fantastic as they prayed with me, withheld their judgement and found themselves confessing their own struggles.

Confession truly is good for the Soul!

The struggle is real and our world doesn’t make it easy but it is possible to overcome the power of porn. It starts with admitting your struggles to yourself and then to a trusted person in your life.

I have watched God open doors for me to encourage and challenge other women who are going through the same struggle and to know that they’re not alone. Let me repeat that … YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I have been overjoyed that God has taken something that caused me to be so broken and turn it into something beautiful! 

The truly beautiful thing is that God can do this for you too, if you let him.

Selfie Struggle

93 million selfies are taken world wide each day. 

This presents an issue of solely focusing on how to prepare and present the external that we neglect the internal self.

It’s easier to solve a bad selfie issue then it is to sit down and assess what parts of  your life need a little t.l.c. but if we care about ourselves on any level we must.

I understand the vulnerability involved in putting your selfie out there for others to see. Trust me, I have struggled for years with not liking how I look in about 80 percent of the pictures that have been taken of me in my lifetime. But this mentality didn’t start to change until I started to address my internal self.

Before we take another selfie lets do ourselves a favor and check our hearts. Take an internal selfie and you will be surprised what you’ll find.

A few years ago I came across this verse:

 “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
    Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.” – Psalm 139:14

This verse encourages me to know that I was created as a complex being. Which means that there is more to me than what any selfie could capture. It also means that unlike a selfie that can be taken in a matter of seconds we are gonna need to give ourselves a little bit more time to understand the complex being that God created us to be.

So this is my dare to you– I dare you to ask God to show you what in yourself needs a little t.l.c and how you can better embrace the wonderfully complex being he’s made you to be.

Remember a dare requires action so let’s start taking some internal selfies!

Trust the Grueling Process

I hate that word … process.

See, when we dare to step into who God designed us to be, it will be one of the most difficult processes we go through.  It will require us to drop our understanding of what we should be like and involve almost a surgery like removal of anything in us that is not God-given or glorifying.

And let me tell you, it will hurt like hell.

I can say that because even this week I’ve been challenged to allow God to remove something in me that is not glorifying to him nor was it how he intended me to function.

Unfortunately, I have this habit of learning things the hard way. It comes from being stubborn and thinking that my way is right … always.  My family and dear friends can attest to this.I often need to be told something about 5 times before my mind can be changed, or convinced of something. This a terrible thing and yet I find myself stuck in this routine.

The beautiful thing is that God doesn’t just look at me and walk away with his hands up in the air saying, “I have had enough of her stubbornness!” or “She’s being difficult again!” No, he gently reminds me that His ways are not my ways and His ways are so much better. Then gives me the time and space to painfully realize this.

What a patient heavenly father I have, Praise Jesus!

All of this reminds me of Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” See even though the process isn’t always pretty God is causing something good to come about.

So if you’re in a season that straight up feels painful, and hurts like hell remember that our amazing Father will cause everything to work together for good. It may mean dropping your stubbornness like me and letting God have the free reign to remove things that don’t belong so that you can embrace more of who He’s calling you to be and release who you think you need to be.

Trust the grueling process, God knows what he’s doing. I promise!



The Truth behind Dare Daughters

When was the last time you dared to do something?

For me it was about a year ago. I had this amazing opportunity to help encourage and equip the next generation of young women by being a speaker at a leadership camp. This presented its own challenges, like flying to Poland on my own.  It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. But not going would have been worse than any of the challenges involved. See it was a year ago that through daring to do something different, God showed me what he created me for.

I know that when we dare to do something different, it can be terrifying. However, it can also be the step needed for God to do something new in our lives. This starts by embracing the truth of who we are in Christ, and out of that we can dare to do life differently.

A key truth behind Dare Daughters is that each of us has been created for relationship and that our lives were not meant to be done solo. The hope is to take this truth and offer an opportunity for women to feel equipped and encouraged to embrace who they are in Christ and then move towards doing life with other women.  Our faith compels us to live life differently.

I don’t know about you but I’m done living a mediocre life and feeling like there should be more to life. I’m choosing to embrace who God made me to be and daring to live differently. Yes, it can be terrifying, but it’s also one of the best things you can do for yourself.

So, will you choose mediocracy or will you dare to live differently? It’s my hearts desire that you join me, and embrace the dare daughter within you!

Interessted in launching a Dare Daughter’s group?

Please contact us for more information.